PRI 2015: Part 3


Brembo’s new B-M8 was revealed to me in secret back in September when I toured the factory in Bergamo, Italy. I held onto those pictures for months, and with strict orders not to leak them out. I didn’t see these white ones however, which is Brembo’s new color offered to the public. To the right is the B-M8's little brother, the four-pot B-M4. A six-piston B-M6 should be available this year, if not already.

The new B-M8 is an enormous caliper designed for larger cars and SUVs. I was told it will fit up to 420mm rotors—that’s 16.5-in! The B-M series also have only one bleed nipple on the backside (to eliminate any malicious bleeding) and feature a 4D design in the front with a contoured face, as opposed to flat. This should eliminate any kind of copy cats this side of going full billet.


Tag Heuer’s new line of Pocket Pro stopwatches are among Tag’s vast line of devices designated for motorsport, including photo-finish cameras, full-matrix LED displays, transponders, and much more. In fact, there’s even a Tag/Renault F1 engine going into the Red Bull Formula One car this year!

New Ford GT racer anyone? This thing is drop-dead gorgeous! And that thing hanging way out the back isn’t a ramp or part of the display, but rather the GT’s diffuser!
Check out that diffuser action! There is carbon fiber all over the place.

We featured ATI crank pulleys in Part 2, but something else that sat in its booth was this transmission. It was done by Cutaway Creations, which turns complex automotive components into real neat displays. It color-codes the parts and, sometimes, Cutaway Creations will even label them, making it a very nice conversation piece.

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