PRI 2015: Part 3


Graf Competition is another outfit that comes from Argentina, and it specializes in high end racing transmissions. It had a menacing looking Mitsubishi Evo on display.

Here'ss the Evo’s engine bay for you to digest.

Fluidyne was displaying an all-aluminum radiator for the E36 BMW. This brings back memories for me because not only was a turbocharged E36 M3 my first magazine-documented project car, but it also ran a Fluidyne radiator just like this. In fact, I even remember leaving the car with Fluidyne for a few days so that they could create the application for the E36! That must have been back in 2001 or 2002.

This monster truck looks big at first, but those helmets weren't designed for Donald Trump. It’s a Pro Mini Monster truck, and it was put up in the Racers Choice Inc (RCI) booth. The truck belongs to Team KJ Pro Mini Monsters, and is driven by a 9-year-old!

As mentioned repeatedly already, Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaw cars were all over the place. This is Daddy Dave’s new car, the Goliath 2.0 (you may recall he flipped the first one fairly early on in its life, just as he was making his way up the OKC Top-10 ranks). This is lots of displacement, and packed full of nitrous. That’ll work.

Here's a look at Daddy Dave's Goliath 2.0's crazy interior. He's shooting to have the fastest street car on the planet (I just think he's still trying to figure out where to put the AC and DVD player next).

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