PRI 2015: Part 3


This is where PTE's power levels start to get a little crazy. Featuring PTE's 81-mm Gen2 CEA compressor wheel, this PT8185 turbocharger is good for over 1400 horsepower.

Here’s the backside of the PT8185. Like with the 7675, it’s not a crazy-big turbo by its dimensions. It looks way smaller than the nutty 80-mm turbos you see on some Pro-Mod cars, and yet two of these will just about get the 3000-hp job done!

A PT6062 featuring a 60-mm Gen2 CEA compressor would be considered small by today’s standards.  Still, this sucker will net you over 750 horsepower. That’s what my old T66 would have maxed out at! The turbo technology advancements over the past 10 years never cease to amaze.

Here’s a look at the back end of the 6062. If someone didn't need much over 700 whp, imagine the spool-up this turbo would have on a Supra, let alone a V8-powered M3 or domestic!

Here’s one of PTE’s most talked about turbos in recent months—the Gen2 6870, capable of 1100hp. Due to its spool-up capabilities and favorable powerband for some of the up-to-1000whp power junkies, it's grown very popular.

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