PRI 2015: Part 3


Here’s an inside look at McLeod’s Soft Lok racing clutch, which features a low static pressure for light pedal effort, adjustable spring pressure, and lots of torque-holding power.Hanging on this display is McLeod’s twin-disc line. The RST (top) is rated up to 800hp and reportedly provides a stock pedal effort. McLeod also says the RST adapts to most applications so that a purchase of a new flywheel isn’t necessary. The ones underneath fall into McLeod’s RXT category. The original RXT (middle) will hold 1000hp, while the firm’s new RXT 1200 on the bottom, which sports a new pressure plate with higher clamping force, will support up to 1200hp, all with a light pedal effort!Canton Racing Products released this baffled oil pan for the Honda S2000 in 2015. It features 1 additional quart capacity, a diamond shaped road-race baffle, an anti-slosh baffle, and two ½-in NPT bungs for pressure and temperature sensors.This is Canton’s Accusump Oiler with oil cooler kit, which is designed to not only further cool the oil but also collect pressurized oil from your engine and store it so it may be discharged when oil pressure is low. Accusump oil accumulators can deliver oil before engine-start to eliminate dry-start scuffing. Canton also carries a line of more compact Accusump Turbo Oiler units to deliver oil to turbos after shut down in in order to protect the turbo bearings.

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