Building a 650 hp Naturally Aspirated Drift Spec LS3 Part 2

Finally, the valve covers were installed.  As an important note, our roller shaft rockers need an extra-tall racing cover valve cover designed for clearance with high lift roller cams and roller rockers to clear them. Stock and most dress up style valve covers will not fit.  Not shown are our Radium Engineering fuel rails and the customer supplied Injector Dynamics injectors.

The engine was installed and dynoed with these results, 650 whp and 520 lb/ft of torque with the engine really starting to come alive at 4200 rpm.  Sikky headers with 17/8″ primaries were used. In our previous LS builds the customers wanted to use their existing 13/4″ primary headers and thus didn’t get as good results.  On a healthy large displacement LS, having a big enough primary is critical for performance.  We also think the FAST LSXR intake manifold is a great power producer, it is perhaps the best low profile manifold for power production.  This engine also has a cam that is slightly more radical than what we would typically recommend for grassroots drifting where there is not a wide choice of gear ratios and a long service life is critical.

This engine will require that the valve train be serviced regularly and the springs replaced perhaps once a season. The engine should probably be torn down and inspected once a season as well. Most of the time we would recommend a milder cam for grassroots drifting and we would expect to see about 30 less hp and more low-end torque and a wider powerband with a 7200 rpm rev limit.  The service internal would be longer and the powerband more suited for a car without a quick change rear and a box of gears.

Still, 650 whp is nothing to sneeze at for a naturally aspirated semi low buck engine build and we were pleased with the end results.


Eagle Rods

CP Pistons

King Bearings



Mast Motorsport





Engine Pro




Radium Engineering

Improved Racing

WPC Treatment



  1. Want to purchase 2010 SS Camaro Automatic
    Would the motor in this vehicle be rebuilt to the specs in this video or would you place a new motor of your specs into the vehicle?
    VIN 2G1FK1EJ7A9207576
    Car is listed local to you on Carvana

    1. 256 degrees of duration at 0.050″ lift on the intake and 273 degrees duration on the exhaust. The lift is 0.712″ on the intake and 0.688″ on the exhaust side. The lobe centers are 107 degrees on the intake and 115 degrees on the exhaust with a 111-degree lobe separation angle

  2. Do yall offer engine building services i collapsed a lifter in my engine and an fixing to just go ahead and rebuild it to these specs.

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