Building a 650 hp Naturally Aspirated Drift Spec LS3 Part 2

The roller lifters are installed after first being dipped in oil.

The roller lifters are dropped into their bores.

Next, the ARP cylinder head studs are installed.

Here are the studs ready to receive the head.

The Pro Seal head gasket is laid down into place and the cylinder head dowels are installed at this time as well.

Next, the cam is degreed in with a dial indicator on the #1 cylinders roller lifter. The cam timing is set to the spec specified by the cam manufacture.  This is an important step that many people skip. There is often some slight differences in the tolerances of stuff that result in the cam timing being off enough to affect performance.  An example of this is if the engine has been aligned bored for instance, there will be more slack in the timing chain and the cam can be retarded a few degrees.


  1. Want to purchase 2010 SS Camaro Automatic
    Would the motor in this vehicle be rebuilt to the specs in this video or would you place a new motor of your specs into the vehicle?
    VIN 2G1FK1EJ7A9207576
    Car is listed local to you on Carvana

    1. 256 degrees of duration at 0.050″ lift on the intake and 273 degrees duration on the exhaust. The lift is 0.712″ on the intake and 0.688″ on the exhaust side. The lobe centers are 107 degrees on the intake and 115 degrees on the exhaust with a 111-degree lobe separation angle

  2. Do yall offer engine building services i collapsed a lifter in my engine and an fixing to just go ahead and rebuild it to these specs.

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